2018 | 3 | 15-23
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Kniha Izaiáš v Prvním listu Korinťanům

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The Book of Isaiah in First Corinthians
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The Book of Isaiah is one of the most quoted or alluded to Old Testament books by the apostle Paul. The contribution studies these quotations or allusions in First Corinthians. The analysed passages are those on the outer margin of the critical edition of the New Testament Nestle­‑Aland. The analysis confirms that Paul knew and used the Septuagint. His use of the Hebrew text cannot be confirmed with certainty. He may have also depended on a preexisting Greek translation of the Old Testament that was different from the Septuagint. Those of Paul’s citations which are at times relatively free are such because he quoted by heart and it is apparent that Paul was focused on the spiritual message of the Bible.
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