2014 | 199 | 283-295
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Wielokrotne przyspieszenie działania aplikacji poprzez zastosowanie technologii nierelacyjnych baz danych

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Substantial Increase in Application Performance Through the Use of NoSQL Database Technologies
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The aim of this article is to experimentally verify higher efficiency of NoSQL databases over typical relational databases. After short introduction to NoSQL, document databases and key-value stores, several efficiency tests were conducted, with the use of YCSB testing benchmark. Results show that the higher the load on the database, the higher the efficiency benefit of using NoSQL, especially for insert and update operations, and for key-value stores. Afterwards, the database efficiency is compared in a real application - a user-based recommendation engine. In this case the usage of NoSQL can boost the application speed at least three times, but the predicted efficiency increase under greater loads is much higher.
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