2015 | 6 | 411-426
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Przebieg postępowania kasacyjnego w klasztorze norbertanek i prepozyturze norbertanów w Czarnowąsach w świetle "Akt Büschinga" ze zbiorów Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej we Wrocławiu

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The dissolution procedure in the Norbertine Monastery and Norbertine Provostship in Czarnowąsy in the light of the "Büsching Papers" from the collection of the Wrocław University Library
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The aim of the article is to discuss and present an edition of sources documenting the takeover of archive, library and art collections from the Norbertine Sisters’ Monastery in Czarnowąsy, dissolved on 24 November 1810. The material comes from the first and fifth volume of the so-called Büsching Papers and mostly consists of letters from 1810 and 1812. In addition, the edition includes correspondence of the local dissolution office concerning similar actions in other towns in Silesia (Brzeg, Gliwice, Głubczyce, Namysłów, Opole, Racibórz, Rudy). The most interesting information in this correspondence comes from letters dealing with the collections of the Norbertine Monastery in Czarnowąsy. Its library, in addition to all the writings of the Church Fathers and a large number of historical works, encompassed manuscripts dealing with the history of the local Norbertine Sisters well as the history of Upper Silesia and its nobility. Among the works of art amassed in the monastery, the one considered to be the most valuable was an unknown painting on wood. Büsching ordered “some silver” to be taken from Czarnowąsy to Wrocław. Works with themes similar to those found in Czarnowąsy were identified in the libraries of Cistercian monasteries in Rudy and Jemielnica, the Reformati convent in Namysłów and an unnamed monastery in Brzeg (of the Capuchins?). Apart from books, two very large and beautiful globes were found in Rudy.
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  • Muzeum Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego
  • Instytut Historii Sztuki, Uniwersytet Wrocławski
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