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2015 | 7(51) | 165-172

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Theoretical and methodological principles for the consideration of problematic issues of modern physics in higher school

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It is shown that teaching of Physics in secondary and higher technical school is based on fundamentals and has important competing aspects: fundamental physics as a natural science and fundamental worldview as the basis of technical specialty. Therefore there is a need for optimal incorporation of these features in the organization and conduct of sessions. There are a number of traditional issues in Physics as worldview science that should be considered in lectures, practical seminars and student conferences. The great mystery of physics is the problem of dualism, when electromagnetic waves and light waves can be also the particles. But in explaining the nature of light wave approach obviously contradicts to the corpuscular approach. From the point of view of the wave theory light is a wave and in accordance with the principle of Huygens each point of the wave surface is a source of new waves. The light from the point can pass to the point of observation. And from the point of view of corpuscular theory light is seen as a beam of particles  photons. Because the photon has momentum, it cannot pass to the point of observation. Hence, wave and corpuscular approaches are in contradiction and cannot explain the problem for hundreds of years. This means a wrong approach. The wave is the wrong approach for wave propagation environment is required. Huygens believed this environment was hypothetical “ether”. We know that the “ether” does not exit. Consistent explanation is that there are in fact fundamentally different waves  waves without environment. This is the wave of particles that fly with internal oscillation motion. Similarly, as is the spread of light photons moving in space that are in the process of oscillatory type: energy→mass→energy→mass→... The possibility of such oscillatory process follows from the known relationship between mass and energy: Similar oscillations occur in other wavelengths. In particular, radio waves  waves and particles too, but in books on radio engineering or physics this is not said. It is suggested opinions that the fundamental problem questions of physics should be the subject of discussion with the students, so they should be considered in lectures, practical seminars and student conferences. It helps to enhance the learning process and develop a creative atmosphere, which is important for the formation of future specialists.



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