2013 | 173 | 240-252
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Płatności zbliżeniowe jako przykład innowacji płatniczej - determinanty upowszechnienia

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Contacless Payments as a Payment Innovation - Determinants of Diffusion
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Contactless payments are considered to be one of the most significant innovations that have emerged recently in the retail payments market. Their appearance can not only change consumers' payment habits but can also have an impact on the market competition. The purpose of this paper is to identify drivers of growth of contactless payments as well as to show how and to what extent they influence this growth. The analysis proved that the market success of contactless payments depends upon determinants of different nature: some of them are connected with special features of the retail payment market; another group of factors is concerned with payment providers and merchants and their requirements, while other factors result from consumers' expectations. The key success factors regarding contactless cards and proximity mobile payments are not parallel. Therefore the major challenge for the contactless payment market is to create a clear business model (including an adequate pricing strategy) which will respect interests of all the market players.
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