2014 | 21 | 131-140
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Zapiski kronikarskie dotyczące szkód i klęsk elementarnych w źródłach archiwalnych klasztoru szczyrzyckiego w XVII i XVIII wieku.

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The note about damages and elementary disasters in the archival sources of monastery in Szczyrzyce in XVII and XVIII century
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In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries a Cistercians monastery with his subjects was constantly exposed to the inconveniences arising from the position, current conflicts, the army that stayed there or constantly marched through their territory. This all unfavourable circumstances created the chaos behind the walls of the convent, permanent fear and anxiety about the robbery done by soldiers or ordinary robbers. All abbots and priors of this convents were full of fear and anxiety about the destructions of convent and the farm buil dings, crops and farm. In the chronicles and monastic inventories there are many notes about the struggle of monk of Szczyrzyce with the destructions done to their proprieties. There were all kinds of natural disaster such as: flood, heavy and cold winters, hurricane winds, drought and fires. All of these had an influence on the quality of life behind the walls of convent and its impoverishment. Unprecedented event which took place on the night of 20/21 June 1623 was the attack of robbers whose stole the money allocated by abbot Stanisław Drohojewski (1607-1632) for the reconstruction of the convent and the fire which broke out in the convent in 1765 – at the end of the governance of abbot Florian Gotartowski (1753-1768). During this fire the stable for guests, the inn, the mill and the roof of convent’s refectory, the arbour and the church was burnt. The fire also damaged two convent’s wings (east and west).
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