2015 | 4(27) | 463-478
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Upbringing environment as a place where human lifelong education is provided – from tradition to modern transformations

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Education is a process that always runs in the specified external considerations, in a specific place and time and cultural context. Besides this objective dimension is also a process that is perceived and experienced subjectively. This diverse and in some ways complex space education – defines, for example in the category of environment/educational environment. In long tradition the pedagogical reflection, taking into account the multiplicity of ways that impact the environment and his “presence” in a person’s life develops knowledge about its different types, but also the ontological, epistemological and axiological models. Knowledge of the environment is also, and perhaps above all a challenge for teaching practice which includes human lifelong activity. In this respect it has already identified a number of models such conduct educational that takes into the environmental conditions. We can talk about environmental education, socio-cultural animation and a whole range of educational activities undertaken and implemented and carried out on the basis of social work. Not without significance are also influences from other social sciences, which in conjunction with the activities characteristic of pedagogy expanded possible ways to the educational impact.
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