2013 | 4(17) | 184-197
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Uczciwość cen. Etyczne aspekty procesu kształtowania cen w przedsiębiorstwach

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Price integrity. Ethical aspects of the price formation process in companies
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The purpose of this article is the introduction and critical assessment of the integrity of prices in terms of their perception by buyers with particular emphasis on those areas in which these problems manifest themselves to the greatest extent and are critical to the functioning of modern companies. It presents the possibilities of assessing the integrity of prices by buyers and factors affecting the assessment. Next the process of a fair price for the food market is discussed and analyzed where the problem is revealed with utmost clarity. It also draws attention to the importance of the new trends in consumption and modern communication techniques in the assessment of fair pricing and rapid growth potential for exchanging information between buyers. This contributes to a more effective opportunity to defend interests in relations with rogue companies.
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