2010 | 15 | 279-285
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Studium możliwości ekoturystycznego wykorzystania zbiornika dobczyckiego i rzeki Raby w świetle badań ankietowych

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Possibilities of tourist development in the area of Dobczyce Reservoir and the Raba River – a questionnaire study
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The Dobczyce Reservoir on the Raba River is the main source of drinking water for the city of Krakow. This function requires very good water quality, which consequently limits other functions. The debate whether to allow certain forms of recreation has been taking place for a long time. The paper presents the results of a questionnaire survey conducted among the visitors of the area. People asked about their way of spending time over the reservoir, the most often chose the option “other” (78%), among which the most often was walk (24%). Sunbathing was mentioned by 46%, water bathing by 32% (despite the ban), angling by 18%, and water sports by 12%. The numbers do not sum up to 100, because the visitors could choose more than one option. 68% respondents regarded the cleanliness of water as very good, good or rather good. The management in the area was assessed much worse: 66% regarded it as rather unsatisfactory or unsatisfactory.
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