2015 | 16 | 1 | 181-195
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Application of Finance Management Instruments in Business Entities for example of PGE and Tauron Companies

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Running a business involves the risk borne by the owners. They are most often identified with failure to achieve expected rates of return by investors. The same mechanisms apply to business entities whose one of the main objectives is to maximize the profits level. Equally important task, and according to the larger group of professional literature authors the most important is the increase of the company’s market value. Both purposes have common ground, involving the selection of indicators and instruments for the assessment of the financial condition and the value added of analyzed business entity. The objective of this paper is to compare mechanisms used to assess the financial condition of enterprises and indicate imperfections of measures based solely on bookkeeping data derived from an annual financial report. Characteristic features and the more objective nature of economic measures, in particular such as the Economic Value Added (EVA), are presented.
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  • University of Social Sciences
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