2014 | 4 | 2 | 40-47
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Pedagogical Analysis of Higher Educational Standard of Bachelor’s Professional Education with Specialization in Taxes and Taxation at the Universities of Russian Federation

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The problem of tax officials’ training in Russian Federation is considered to be the main topic of the article. In the context of integration processes, the study of European countries’ experience, in particular, of Russian Federation, as well as the implementation of progressive ideas of tax service specialists’ professional training, have been actualized. Pedagogical analysis of the higher educational standard of bachelor’s professional education with specialization in taxes and taxation has been carried out. The branches of future tax service professional activity have been defined. The structure and content of the bachelor’s basic educational program of training in specialty 080100.62.04 “Economy” (profile “Taxes and taxation”) have been defined as well, inter alia, the meaning and features of the variable part of the program. The analysis of the students’ practical training and types of the final state assessment of the graduates has been performed. Types of the professional activity have been analyzed and main tasks of a tax service specialist’s training have been defined as well. General cultural competences have been described. According to the types of the professional activity, professional competences important for the future tax service officials have been defined. The relevance of using Russian Federation’s experience, in particular, the educational standard of higher professional education of bachelor’s degree in profile “Taxes and taxation” with the updated content and forms of Ukrainian state tax service professional training activity, has been proved.
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  • Head of Kyiv Finance and Economics College National State Tax Service University of Ukraine Address: 31 Karl Marks Str., Irpin town, 08200, Ukraine,
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