2014 | 4 | 3 | 65-69
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Peculiarities of Formation the Informative Competence of Future Translators in Eu Universities

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Over the past decade in the world there has significantly increased the process of globalization, which resulted in high demand for the profession of a translator. For future interpreters it is important to be well informed, to know innovations of the sector, which they have chosen as the major. Therefore, the translator should be able to search for information, and critically evaluate it. The article deals with the analysis of the application of modern information technology in the future translators training at the universities of the EU countries. The analysis of scientific and pedagogical literature that investigated aspects of information technology training of future translators at the universities has been made. The most widespread of information technologies that are applied during the translators’ training process have been defined, the possibilities of their application have been grounded. Countries, cities, universities of European Union where such training is carried out have been pointed out. Also it should be mentioned that the characteristic feature of interpreters' higher education in Europe is that the training program tend to a specialization profile. Their main types are: full program of higher education and independent graduate programs of specialized nature. The skills development of using computer technology makes an important contribution towards improving the quality of education during the professional activity. The change and correction of programs in accordance with the development of information technologies, informatization process, professional translators' interests are carried out in education systems. In the process of professional training there are used the methods that are aimed at the intensification of the processes of self-education and self-development. An important provision of the Bologna process is the focus of higher education establishments on educational results: knowledge and skills of the graduates should be applied and practically used.
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