2012 | 11 | 1 | 19-32
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The Use of the Geographically Weighted Regression for the Real Estate Market Analysis

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The article presents a method for developing geographically weighted regression models for analyzing real estate market transaction prices and evaluating the effect of selected property attributes on the prices and value of real estate. The property attributes were evaluated on a grading scale to determine the relative (percentage) indicators characterizing the relationships on the real estate market. The market data were analyzed to evaluate the influence of infrastructure availability on the prices of land in Olsztyn. The results were used to assess the effect of every utility service on the property transaction prices.
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  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Faculty of Geodesy and Land Management Department of Real Estate Management and Regional Development Prawochenskiego 15, 10-720 Olsztyn, Poland,
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