2009 | 2 | 1 | 77-84
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Profiled Musical Education in the Republic of Belarus

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Introduction. The article reviews a modernisation problem of pre-university musical education by implementing professional education at a senior level of schools of general education with music specialisation.Aim of the Study. To illustrate the efficiency of implementation of professional training in pre-university musical education in the Republic of Belarus and to justify the great demand for specialized musical training in the person-oriented educational system under its present-day development stage.Materials and Methods. Theoretical analyses of pedagogical literature and and different educational theories. The method of the study is examining existing situation.Results. Process of individualisation of the profiled education that bases on principles of variation and personification of individual educational strategy of participants has been reviewed. Results of an experiment on implementing profiled musical education are analysed, productivity of interactivity between profiled musical class and the respective university faculty is determined.Conclusions. Profiled musical education is the optimum base for ensuring the pre-emptive character of pre-university musical education. It forms background for intentional choice by the pupil of the future professional activities and facilitates the future successful socialisation.
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  • Maxim Tank Belarus State Pedagogical University, Republic of Belarus
  • Maxim Tank Belarus State Pedagogical University, Republic of Belarus
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