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Creative Management and Innovation

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Nowadays, entrepreneurship is determined how fast innovations or creativity can be incorporated into company activities. Creativity is mean constantly aspiring process of innovation and progress. Creativity and innovation management these days are important keys to any effort how to be success in business world. Forces of creativity in company or in entrepreneurship should be able to provide innovation and contribute to solve problems. The new idea are often accepted as the main activity of creative management and the vision, strategy, goals or ideas are understands like equipment of creativity. Implementation of new ideas - innovation is the main activity of creative management. Visions, strategies, objectives and ideas are seen as tools of creativity.Because of differences in innovation process between EU and USA, innovation processes in EU are directly supported via framework programs. Currently FP7 is active, but new process for innovation called Horizon 2020 is under preparation. Last FP7 program is oriented for cooperation between science oriented organizations (universities) and SME, while future Horizon 2020 will be oriented for excellence science, competitive industries and better human society.In paper are presented real examples of companies/projects within the EU, including Slovakia. Three types of projects are compared. While project SAFER is supported by EU FP7, project Volvo Vision 2020 and Logomotion project are not supported and are commercial projects. Slovak project is supported by private investor. All projects are different, but have common line - to manage innovation process and implement it in real life. To manage innovation teams located around the world required creative concept in management.
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