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The Analysis and Synthesis of Strategic Management Research in the Third Sector from Early 2000 Through to Mid-2009

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The purpose of this paper is to analyse the contemporary literature on strategic management in non-profit organizations. The area at hand is divided into five categories: modern management and strategic management approaches/theories; analysis of the roles of externalities and internalities in the Third Sector; review of how strategic management has been applied for non-profit organizations; review of applications and enhanced identification of one or more strategies utilised by non-profit organizations; application of specific methods and tools in strategic management. Four dilemmas faced by modern management theory serve as a synthetic axis. First, how can the existing commercial management concepts and techniques be best adapted to the realities of the non-profit sector? Secondly, which of the established schools of strategic management is the most relevant one for non-profits? In fact, is it appropriate to look for a brand new school of thought? Thirdly, and this is again related to academic pursuits, what coherent theory can explain the efficiency of non-profit organizations. Fourthly, there is the dilemma what strategy to employ when faced with a choice between the willingness and the need to apply competitive strategies and the co-operative strategy in the third sector.
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