2009 | 2 | 192-222
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THE KISHINIOVCY. THE STUDY HISTORY AND TRADITION (Kiszyniowcy. Studium historii i zwyczajow)

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(Title in Roma language: Kisiniovcura Rroma. Studia pala lenqeri historia thaj acara). The Kishiniovtsy Gypsy group consist of around 3000 people today and hasn't been described in literature. Ancestors of the group were serfs in Bessarabia. They migrated in Ukraina after abolition of the serfdom in the Russian Empire (the 1861 year's reform). Now they live in Ukraina and Russia. Until the very roam prohibition in October, 1956, the economic basis of the life of Kishiniovtsy consisted of the men's domestic thievery and the women's fortunetelling. By now the ethnic group has trade earnings. Kishiniovtsy didn't avoid the massive deportations in Stalin's period. Many were arrested in June, 1933 in Moscow and were deported to Siberia. Unlike most of Gypsy groups, Kishiniovtsy didn't take an active part in the World War II. While the Russka Roma and the Ukrainian and South-Russian Servi joined the army and were even decorated, Kishiniovtsy always tried to avoid the mobilization. There are many facts about Nazi-genocide in the article. Kishiniovtsy are orthodox Christians. The Moldavian folklore is now forgotten by them. In everyday life the Kishiniovtsy usually sing the songs of Russka Roma. N. Bessonov described their nomadic life and clothing. He built genealogy of some families. Also there is an information about customs and justice. Gypsy court in Kishiniovtsy's dialect is called zudekata (after the Romanian judecata). As for the place of Kishiniovtsy in the Gypsy ethnic groups hierarchy, they have strong positions. Kishiniovtsy retain their traditions, speak their Romany dialect very good and are materially successful. Their problem is the reputation of 'dangerous people '. In many aspects such point of view has lost its acuteness (though in conflicts Kishiniovtsy just like Krymy can still protect themselves). In the newest conditions some young people managed to finish school, training colleges and even enter a university, creating a new educated class. Today the legal education is one of the most prestigious. This Gypsy group have good perspectives in modern Russia.
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