2015 | 8 | 25-48
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Prognozowanie wypłat z bankomatów

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Forecasting Withdrawals from ATMs
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Celem artykułu jest porównanie jakości prognoz zarówno ex post, jak i ex ante dotyczących zapotrzebowania na gotówkę w bankomatach, przy wykorzystaniu różnych metod prognozowania na podstawie szeregów czasowych wypłat. (fragment tekstu)
The authors explain links between strategy of replenishment of ATMs and costs of ATMs holders. Cost minimalization depends on accuracy of forecasts of withdrawals from ATMs. In the paper the several forecasting methods of withdrawals from ATMs in Euronet network installed in Małopolskie and Podkarpackie voivodships are applied. The used forecasting models are compared based on quality of ex post and ex ante forecasts. The model used in forecasting process depends on many factors e.g. location of ATM or calendar effects. The importance and role of these factors are analyzed in the paper. The authors supplied evidence, that suggested forecasts based on weighted averages are more accurate than forecasts based on methods applied by other authors. (original abstract)
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