2010 | 1(2) | 77-86
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Lokalizacja gier komputerowych - czyżby dziecinnie proste? Nowe perspektywy w szkoleniu tłumaczy pisemnych

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The translation of computer games is part of the localisation process as a whole and concerns the translation of written or spoken texts connected with those games. In translation studies the research of this branch of professional translational activity is still underdeveloped. The lack of solid scientific research on this topic and automatically the absence of this specialisation in the translation studies curriculum, creates a gap between translation studies and the translation industry. It is the aim of this article to give some insight in this specific kind of translational activity, focusing on the role translators play in the localisation process, the kind of translation and computer skills required, as well as the need to integrate the training of these skills into the translation studies curriculum.
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  • Eric Jan-Kuipers, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Wydzial Filologiczny, Katedra UNESCO do Badan nad Przekladem i Komunikacja Miedzykulturowa, ul. Czapskich 4, 31-110 Krakow, Poland
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