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Zachowania nabywcze i przestrzenne klientów Galerii Łódzkiej w Łodzi

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The purchasing and spatial behaviour customers in the shopping centre Galeria Łódzka in Łódź
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Celem artykułu jest ustalenie profilu klienta Galerii Łódzkiej, opisanie jego zachowań nabywczych w zakresie korzystania z usług oferowanych przez centrum handlowe, a także jego zachowań przestrzennych. Zachowania klientów zależą w dużej mierze od oferty centrum handlowego, jego położenia w przestrzeni miasta oraz od dostępności komunikacyjnej. W celu zrealizowania założeń artykułu posłużono się w opracowaniu wynikami badań ankietowych przeprowadzonych w 2010 r. (181 osób) oraz badań z 2011 r. (386 osób).
The aim of this paper is to establish a customer profile the shopping centre “Galeria Łódzka” in Łódz: describe the purchasing behaviour in the use of services offered by the center, as well as its spatial behaviour. Customer behaviour depends largely on: the offer shopping centre, its location in the city and on the availability of transport. In order to implement paper assumptions were used in drawing up the results of the survey conducted in 2010 (181 people) and 2011 (386 people). Gallery customers are mostly young people up to 44 years, who were "singles" or married, childless or having one child. Frequently these are people with higher education evaluating your financial status at the level of medium or good. A typical visit to the center manifests itself not very frequent, but longer visits, and takes place mostly in the afternoon, mostly on weekends. Customer Gallery comes to the center alone, in the company of friends, or family member, and the main purpose of his visit is shopping, for many connected to the use of catering offer. The choice of Łódź Gallery as a place of settlement of various issues and decided to spend leisure time mainly by the following factors: a wide assortment, quality products, a large variety of shops of different companies, low prices, numerous promotions and professional service. It is worth mentioning that most customers believe that the offer of retail and service center is complete and tailored to their expectations because they believe the object is missing other activities, both in terms of industry, as well as quantity. Due to the spatial extent of the object is dominated by customers from Łódź, who live mainly in the central and southern part, and the large housing estates, located in the western and eastern parts of the city. Frequently trip to the mall is started from a home or has an occasional nature (during your stay near). Gallery downtown location, impact on customers more frequent use of public transportation (especially trams). Many nonmotorized customers believe that it is a shopping center should be supported by a free bus lines.
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