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Małżeństwo w teologii Ortodoksyjnego Kościoła Koptyjskiego

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Matrimony in theology of the Coptic Orthodox Church
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The Coptic Orthodox Church relates the mystery of trinity unity not only to science about the Church but also to perception of matrimony. The matrimony is for Copts one of seven sacraments. People were appointed to live in image and likeness of the Holy Trinity and will of God is, so as they, with exception of special cases, do not live in loneliness but in family. Like God gave first family his blessing and said to Adam and Eve to be fertile and have increase (Gen 1,28), so the Coptic Church gives its blessing relationship of man and woman. The matrimony is not for Orthodoxy only a state of nature but also a state of grace. Life in marriage, like monastic life is a vocation, requiring specific gift or charisma of the Holy Spirit and just this gift is being given in the sacrament of matrimony.

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