2016 | 28/1 | 41-60
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Forma i treść we współczesnym kontekście kulturowym

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Form and content in the contemporary cultural context
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The paper considers the issue of truth, pointing out that the truth as it is commonly understood is a reference of the personal truth of some elements of the public sphere, that is the public truth. Due to the crisis of European culture (pluralism, individualism, inflation of speech and expression, scientism) public truth cannot function as it used to, because it is not able to impose on society a single formula. This raises the impression that no truth is possible. The article argues that there is still a personal truth available, the development of which may be the goal of future culture. Patterns of this development are brought by the liberal Quakerism. It makes the public truth something formal – it believes above all in what Pink Dandelion called the “behavioral creed” - without forcing individuals to believe in any particular truth.
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