2017 | 1(10) | 251-271
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Ryzyko cybernetyczne jako wyzwanie dla branży ubezpieczeń w Polsce i na świecie

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The problem of cyberattacks may seem distant in Poland. Although most entrepreneurs operating in Poland are aware of the existence of such threats, few of them undertake actions aimed at managing cyber risk, also through the purchase of specialist cyber insurance. Cybercrime can be described as the most serious challenge the insurance industry has faced in the last half-century. It reminds systemic risk, the source of which is the use of information technology and electronic data processing. Among the factors driving the development of the cyber-insurance market are the growing need for privacy in global society, large-scale cyber-attacks, legal regulations that impose high financial fines for data breaches, strive to minimize financial consequences of cyber attacks, potential damage to reputation resulting from cyber incident. The purpose of this article is to identify cyber risk, assess the degree of cyber threat, and analyze the degree of development of the cyber insurance market. The most serious difficulties in operating cyber insurance from the point of view of insurance companies have been indicated.
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