2014 | 17 - Konteksty bezpieczeństwa w Afryce. Konflikty, wojny, polityki bezpieczeństwa | 279-300
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Kwestie bezpieczeństwa w polityce zagranicznej RPA po 1994 roku - wybrane problemy

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Security issues in the foreign policy of the RSA after 1994: selected problems
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At the beginning of the paper very brief history of contemporary South African foreign policy is presented (period of apartheid and transition) and fundamental changes of the goals of South African foreign policy after 1994 are also depicted. The analysis is focused on engagement of the RSA in Africa and especially in Southern Africa in the context of peace and security. Special attention is drawn into South African activities in the United Nation's and African Union's peace-making and peace-building operations as well as peace negotiations of the South African presidents: Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma. Also the RSA efforts for global peace and security are taken into account.
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