2013 | 2 | 11-24
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Swoboda przepływu osób w Unii Europejskiej a prawa i wolności człowieka. Zasada wolności migracyjnej

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Free movement of persons within the European Union and human rights and freedoms. The principle of freedom of migration
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For a long time governments, politicians and the public are facing a dilemma, how to ensure, on the one hand, the freedom to cross borders, ensure the safety of foreigners and encourage them to come, on the other hand, how to guard against the arrival of unwanted people and ensure the safety of its own citizens. A new quality in the implementation of the principle of freedom of migration was the creation of a single European market, with the four freedoms: free movement of goods, persons, services and capital. The aim was to create an area without internal frontiers, in which persons may move freely. An important role in the abolition of physical barriers on the movement of people played the creation of the Schengen area. All citizens of the European Union have the right of freedom of movement of persons. This also applies to family members of citizens of the European Union, regardless of their nationality. They have the right to move and reside, work and take up economic activities, education, receipt of social benefits. To allow working in another country are also needed some actions to support the movement of workers, especially the recognition of professional qualifications and the harmonization of policies on social benefits.
  • Krakowska Akademia im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego
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