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Kant o woli i wolności

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Kant on Will and Freedom
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This article presents Kant’s typology of the concept of will. The following Kantian concepts fall under scrutiny: free will, good will, power of choice, pure will, holy will, life, and the power of desire. In the course of the analysis a relation is brought to light in which these foregoing kinds of will incline towards moral worth. This in turn allows a discussion about differences between good and pure will as well as between moral possibility and moral necessity. Beside this, the article applies a typology (formulated in advance) of Kant’s will-concept to the manifold definitions of will simpliciter that one finds in Kant’s writings. This implementation shows that in the Kantian philosophy it is hard to ascribe a clear cut meaning to the concept of will as such and that one is rather advised to conceive of it always in terms of its modalities (enumerated above).
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