2018 | 2 | 4 | 127-177
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Double Perspective DEA on Real Estate Appraisal by Brazilian Standards

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Objective: This article innovates when we incorporate the statistical analysis to the method of Double-Perspective Data Envelopment Analysis (DP-DEA), with the objective of obtaining an estimate of greater accuracy and reliability according to the assumptions of the Best Unbiased Estimator (BUE). Design / Research Method: Double Perspective Data Envelopment Analysis (DP-DEA) is an extension to Classical Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for estimating efficiency, asset values, indicators, and other attributes from two perspectives, achieving a common result is the main objective. This article innovates in DEA methodology, in two aspects: 1. To demonstrate the ability of the DP-DEA to perform at intervals the estimation of values from a random sample; 2. Through the statistical analysis, making estimates of central tendency according to the assumptions of the Best Unbiased Estimator (BUE – Best Unbiased Estimator). Conclusions / findings: The practical procedures performed step by step through DP-DEA according to the assumptions of the BUE, presented in its main findings and conclusions are: 1. Incorporation of statistical analysis to the DP-DEA method, which assumes assumptions of properties of the Best Estimator Non-biased; 2. Within the scope of the DEA, it presents an innovative capacity to make estimates from random samples, and; 3. At the end of the article, by simulation, able to validate modeling through the variation of property characteristics, demonstrating that the estimation of the corresponding values is consistent according to the market’s expectations. Originality / value of the method: This article opens new avenues to be explored by the DEA community. Firstly, as a tool for valuing assets, according to the Comparative Market Data Method. In Brazil, DP-DEA has been approved by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards for this purpose. Another innovation is to evaluate performance which results from common gain according to two perspectives, which interact in the process or procedure under analysis.
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