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Profesor Seidler – anatomia antynomii

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W artykule nie zamieszczono abstraktu
The author analyses the personage of professor Grzegorz Leopold Seidler from the angle of contradictions existing in himself, assuming the convention of spinning out the digressions and references to arts and literature which was familiar to the professor. Professor Seidler was using the term of antinomy in his lectures of philosophy of law willingly: he was talking of antinomies in law, presenting them against a background of history of philosophy and political-legal doctrines, also embracing 20th century. In fact he was full of internal contradictions himself, both in his life as well as in his academic achievements. Erudition, intellectual depth of ideas of the professor is stressed, as well as the conditions of time and place, which created the liaison with Marxism, application of methodology of dialectical and historical materialism, when his intellectual friability was exposed, involvement in ideology and affiliation with communist party. Family and intellectual roots of the Professor were presented, development in interwar period, being in the circle of right wing elites of pre-war Poland. The author discusses the studies at Jagiellonian University, first academic achievements, raised under the wings of professor M. Starzewski and professor J. Lande – student of L. Petrażycki, including the political system and history of political-legal ideology. The attention is drawn to work in the Library of the Sejm and the Senate, stressing the connection of the professor with the establishment of those times. The essay ends with considerations on spiritual transformation which took place within the last 15 days of life of G.L. Seidler, on his role in rebirth of Rotary in Poland and on his last dissertations and attitude to the reality. The far route, which Professor Seidler passed, was fascinating but also very complicated: 1. Grzegorz Leopold – during the baptism he was bestowed, for the future, with block of real estates with the name Goldenkugel at Św. Marcin street in Poznań by his paternal uncle generously, by his grandmother – relative of Romaszkan Lvov archbishop of Armenian Rite. 2. Son of popular solicitor [adwokat] – member of Supreme Bar Council, senator of the Republic of Poland and co-author of April Constitution of Poland. 3. Perfecting academic skills under the wings of the so called sanacja regime (1926–1939) professor of Jagiellonian University Maciej Starzewski and Jerzy Lande – student of Leon Petrażycki. 4. Favourite of gray eminence of sanacja regime and important figure of first ten years of People’s Republic of Poland – Henryk Kołodziejski. 5. Participant of Polish September Campaign 1939. 6. Erudite, thinker, expert in political systems at state and legal systems, philosophy, history of thought, literature and arts. 7. Marxist and comrade. 8. Cosmopolitan and polyglot – man of the world, he followed the fashion faultlessly like an English gentleman – with tailor-made suits, a Chesterfield coat, a Homburg hat, and with a cane. 9. Citizen of the world, in contact with great people of this world through his whole life. 10. Finally professor, rector and co-creator of UMCS, visiting-professor at prestigious Western universities, not free of ideological concessions and payment of tribute of conformity, using “the attractions of the court”. 11. „Surgeon”, who called for amputation of social entity, which was created from social and national revolt against totalitarianism and degradation of a man. his own harm and to no purpose. 13. Finally returning to – in modesty of his spirit – his roots, rich in imponderables, both on the spear side and distaff side. One big antinomy.
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