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Encuentro de dos mundos y sistema de valores

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The text begins with the brief recall of the low-context and hihg-context cultures' classification andthe explanation of this phenomenon. In the analogous manner is also considered the issue of contact between the different cultures. To explore the topic there has been done a kind of going back in time to show the reasons which led to the encounter of the Old and the New World and the reasons which motivated the Spaniards during the conquest. The system of values of the Spanish conquistadors setting off to America is also analyzed. Their priorities are compared with the hierarchy of values which led the Anglo-Saxons during their conquest of North America. The initial recall of the classification of low-context and high-context cultures explains the contact of the Old and New World with their whole cultural diversification. Spanish people setting out to conquer the New World in the fifteenth century were guided by the desire to get measurable benefits such as riches and offices but also the ability to gain immortal fame. In the group of the representatives of this chivalrous nation the confirmation of their bravery was a very important question. We have also indicated women who decided to take an active part in the work of the conquest and colonization of the lands of Latin America in the sixteenth century. In spite of the fact that the characters of this text came from conservative society, some of them set off on a journey and did not hesitate to take part in such a difficult and dominated by men experience which was the conquest and colonization of the New World and the work of building new society such similar to the Spanish one, but different at the same time.
El texto empieza recordando brevemente la clasificación de culturas de alto y de bajo contexto con una descripción de estos fenómenos. Asimismo se reflexiona sobre la cuestión de contactos entre distintas culturas. Para llegar a la esencia del tema, se hizo un viaje atrás en la historia para demostrar la causa del encuentro entre el Viejo y el Nuevo Mundo y las premisas que llevaron a los españoles durante la conquista. Se analizaron también los valores de los conquistadores españoles que salían a América. Dichas prioridades se compararon con la jerarquía de valores asumida por los anglosajones durante la conquista de la América del Norte.
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