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From indifference to protest: citizen activity at the local level in Poland

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Recently, many local governments have tried to improve their efficiency and effectiveness by establishing partnerships with stakeholders such as citizens and third sector organizations, and not only with private companies as it was the case in the 1980s. Nevertheless, to foster productive partner relations between the local government and the local community some conditions must be fulfilled. The article focuses on citizen activity, as well as its forms and dimensions, as one of the most important prerequisites for an effective partnership. The analysis is based on the preliminary findings from the Self-Government Activity Project (Pol. Projekt Aktywności Samorządowej – PAS) that has been realised by seven local governments since February 2011. The article concludes that with regard to Poland citizens’ indifference might be one of the most significant obstacles towards any close cooperation with local authorities. The analysis proves, however, that attempts at establishing partner relations also face other obstacles, inter alia, a  poor awareness of local issues, lack of trust in local authorities, different perspective on local problems and objections raised by the elected representatives.
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