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Ocena wpływu likwidacji cukrowni w Unisławiu na rozwój lokalny gminy

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The impact assessment of closures the sugar factory in Unisław on the development of local community
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The aim of the study was to present the results of local development research in the municipality of Unisław. Main motive to take research there was the liquidation of the sugar factory, which operated in the community for over 120 years. An attempt was made to determine the impact of plant closure on the local market. The secondary data were used, as well as questionnaire survey with the inhabitants of Unisław. The research has shown that the liquidation of sugar factory did not affect on the municipality economic situation, expressed by objective gauges. The expected increase in unemployment did not take place. People who have lost their jobs have found new employment or availed their right to retire. This also involves the phenomenon of economic migration – change of residence dictated finding a new job. There were no changes in the structure of agricultural production. Sugar beet producers have found new recipient of the raw material in Chełmża, where the sugar refinery still exists. Changes – assessed as significant – are noticeable by the local community. In the opinion of locals, the liquidation of sugar factory had a big impact on the development of the community and entailed the many negative changes. The respondents believe that the factory area, should be further developed a new features, such as: any other industry, commercial or residential area. Thus one can try to assess the impact of the liquidation of an industrial plant using objective measures, however, this allows you not to capture the real impact on local development, because the sugar factory in Unisław still exists in the minds of local residents.
Celem opracowania jest próba określenia wpływu likwidacji cukrowni, funkcjonującej przez ponad 210 lat, na rozwój lokalny gminy Unisław w województwie kujawsko-pomorskim. W pracy wykorzystano dane wtórne, jak również bezpośredni wywiad kwestionariuszowy z mieszkańcami Unisławia. Na podstawie mierników i wskaźników poziomu rozwoju lokalnego gminy, nie zauważono bezpośredniego wpływu zamknięcia cukrowni, jednak wykazano, że zakład ciągle funkcjonuje w świadomości mieszkańców. Niestety, zabudowania cukrowni wyburzono, a gmina nie ujęła tego obszaru w programie rewitalizacji.
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