2014 | 42 | 4 | 305–318
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Audio-antropologia: praktykowanie dyscypliny poprzez dźwięk

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The article pertains to the notion of audio-anthropology both as the methodology and the way of practice of the discipline through sound. The audio-anthropology should be understood as application of digital audio technologies relating to recording, editing, arranging, listening and publishing: a) cultural sonic manifestations, b) audio-representations. In other words, the audio-anthropology is the audio-production of anthropological knowledge. As an alternative way of „doing discipline” the audio-anthropology is the result of so called auditory turn which had raised the question of the authoritarianism of Eye – fundamental and irrefutable organ of insight into the socio-cultural reality. Practice of sounded anthropology casts doubt on oculocentric model of anthropological knowledge and leads to appreciation of sonic phenomenon and practices in a social life.
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