2006 | 30 | 301-310
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Proper names of Lithuanian origin in Dysna region

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From 1500 gathered oikonyms in Dysna region about 100 (6.6%) place names are of Lithuanian origin. In reality there are more of them: part of them became more Slavonic, they were translated so it is more difficult to recognize them. In the areas nearer to the Republic of Lithuania and Breslav there are more Lithuanianisms, e.g. in the parish of Ikazne (District of Teterkovka) and among the names of present villages the Lithuanianisms make a quarter (25%) more: Aukslys (Uklia), Bijeikiai (Bijeiki), Dervaniskiai (Dervanishki), Kamsa (Kumsha), Kliausai (Kliavsy), Pasiutiskes (Posiutishki), Pazardziai (Pozhardje), Petkunai (Petkuny), Sparunai (Sporuny), Sakalyne (Shokoleushchina), Siaulenai (Shauliany), Varai (Vary), etc. According to the data of the visitation of Breslav deanery there was written in Polish that there were in Druja these clearer oikonyms of Lithuanian origin: Arshele 'Arseliai', Druja, Jaja 'Jauja', Jodkovshchyna 'Juodkyne', Obolonie, Poviacie 'Paviete', Pupinovo, Pushkele 'Puskeliai', Raksniovo, Rovbie 'Raubiai', Stashule 'Staciuliai', Svilkovo, Shalcinovo, Sharkele 'Sarkeliai', Vaise 'Vaisiai', Viata 'Vieta', Zubry 'Zubrai'. Between Verchnedvinsk and Polock there could be such Lithuanian place names: Kaziulyne (Kozulino), Ziaunava (Zhevnovo), Rastava (Rashtovo), Ezyne (Azino), Daugnoriai (Dochnary). In the eastern part of Belarus among Polock, Vitebsk and the border of Russia and Belarus there are also some hydronyms and oikonyms of Lithuanian origin (namely Lithuanian, not Baltic) that are found in the territory of Russia as well: Serksniai (Shershni), Udviete (Udviaty), Usviecai (Usviaty), etc. In the district of Sharkovshchina there are more than 20 oikonyms that have a Lithuanian root or suffix: Abalojn (cf. obuolys), Biarnaty (cf. bernas), Gernuty (-Gernuciai), Girsy (cf. girdeti), Jody (-Juodziai), Kausheleva (cf. kausas), Kaukli (cf. kaukti), Labuti (-Labuciai), Svily (Svilai, 3 places), Sharkovshchina (cf. sarka, Slavonic soroka). Oikonyms Bialiany (-Bielenai), Galava (cf. Galas), Pramiany (cf. piemene) have suffixes -any (-enai), -ava, -eik- (-eikiai), -uk, -ut. There are more than 20 family names in the district: Kukut' (-Kukutis), Labut' (-Labutis), Protas, Vazgird (-Vosgirdas), Zhingel' (-Zingelis), etc. Some villages were named after the family names. It is an interesting fact that the family name Protas (oikonym Protasy) has retained the ending -as.
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  • A. Adamkovicius, Vilnius Pedagogical University, Studentu g. 39, Vilnius, Lithuania
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