2013 | 12 | 117-129
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Ewolucja poglądów Walerego Goetla (1889–1972) na problemy ochrony środowiska przyrodniczego

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The evolution of Walery Goetl’s (1889–1972) opinions on the issues of protecting the natural environment
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Professor of the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow and a researcher of Tatra mesozoic geology (Western Carpathian Mountains), a member of the National Council for Environmental Protection since 1922, in which he implemented the programme of creating national parks on the Polish-Czechoslovakian border (in the Tatra Mountains, the Pieniny Mountains and Babia Góra). A core of tourism and travelogue societies as well as professors from Prague (including: Karel Domin and Radim Kett ner) joined the campaign for the future parks. Parks in the region were created after World War II. The destruction of the environment between 1939-45 became the reasons for Goetl’s att empts to organise campaigns for the protection of natural resources (forests, minerals). Later, he took eff orts for complex environmental protection (also: water, air, soil and even health issues). In consequence, he prepared the bases for a new discipline referred to as environmental science (Article Environmental science - the science of the protection of the environment and its resources, 1966). With time, he began dealing with issues of the permanent use of natural resources as well as issues connected with management techniques in the natural and social environment (Article Environmental science, 1971). He was the most recognised activist alongside botanist Władysław Szafer (1886–1970), an activist on environmental protection in its classic, conservative current. He expanded the profi le of interests with an issue, as the result of which in 1956, the International Union for Conservation of Nature added the following its words to its name: „and Natural Resources”. Alongside botanist Władysław Szafer (1886–1970), he was the most recognised activist on environmental protection in its classic, conservative current. He expanded the profi le of interests with the issue, as the result of which in 1956, the International Union for Conservation of Nature added the following words to its name: „and Natural Resources”.
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