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2012 | 4(40) | 123-140

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Mentalne księgowanie i hedonistyczne kadrowanie oraz ich znaczenie dla opcji finansowych

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Mental Accounting and Hedonic Framing. Their Significance for Financial Options

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The article presents selected categories of behavioral finance such as framing, mental accounting, or hedonic framing, and aims to determine their significance for financial decision making. Therefore, the article makes numerous references to certain phenomena (e.g. the equity premium puzzle or the dividend puzzle) and to conceptions born in the area of behavioral finance (e.g. the Behavioral Life-Cycle Hypothesis). Due to the fact that the literature of the subject focuses on the stock market, the Author presents selected works which use the discussed categories of behavioral finance in the context of much less researched instruments, i.e. financial options. Special attention is given to the behavioral aspects of the covered call strategy.


  • Katedra Zastosowań Matematyki w Instytucie Ekonomii i Zarządzania na Wydziale Nauk Społecznych KUL


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