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Education Policy as Proto-fascism: The Aesthetics of Racial Neo-liberalism

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We argue that neo-liberal educational policy has emerged as a proto-fascist governmentality. This contemporary technology relies on State racisms and racial orderings manifested from earlier liberal and neo-liberal practices of biopower. As a proto-fascist technology, education policy, and school choice policies in particular, operate within a racial aesthetics that connects ultra-nationalisms with microfascisms of racialized bodies. We discuss historical examples of liberal school segregation and residential schools in relation to contemporary examples of chartered ethnic-identity schools to illustrate the complexities of proto-fascist education policy.
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  • Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia, 2044 Lower Mall Vancouver, BC Canada, V6T1Z4
  • Faculty of Arts and Education, School of Education, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW Australia, 2052
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